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~ Retired Air Traffic Controller turned Photographer ~ 

I was born in a small town on the coast of Maine but have visited 45 of our beautiful States along with the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Canada, Austria, Mexico, and French Polynesia.  After retiring from our careers my husband Dan & I moved our primary residence to Florida. We continue to spend four summer months at our rustic Maine cabin off-the-grid.  It is the best of both worlds living a "Jimmy Buffet" life, and I am treated to wonderful scenery and photographing opportunities in each place.  

Photography has become my "retirement career".  While in Maine I work part-time shooting whitewater rafting action.  I also shoot other sports, real estate, portraits, travel and nature, and occasionally weddings.  Several of my photographs have won awards, some are on display in local businesses, some in calendars, some have been published with one making the cover of "Up North" magazine.  I am a member of Nikon Professional Services.  My photography style is "generalist" photojournalistic. By that I mean I love to shoot just about anything and tell a story with my photos.  I believe shooting a variety of subjects will make a better photographer overall.  My biggest reward is having my photos touch a person's heart in a way that words cannot.


“When I look through my camera lens,
I see beauty in every person
and memories in every moment."
~ Melissa Herrick
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